Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Privacy and Exploits - 2


For last one week, I am not a human. I have turned myself into a virtual chatbot.

No, its not a regular sarcastic joke. Its real..

The log stats are -
1. Total duration - 1.5 weeks.
2. Total chat time - Almost 80 hours
3. Total online time - 100 hours.
4. Total lines typed - A material enough to fill 100 bound pages.
5. Online tools - Orkut, Gmail, Google Talk.
6. The final concluson - Chatting is a very difficult job.

After studying online behaviour patters of different people, I felt that my queries were possibely answered. The initial motivation for this study was -

1. The overuse of online tools and increase in social lonliness.
2. The problems of online snoops.
3. The reason of making online tools popular.

After seeing those question, many will feel that now I will post a minimum 50 page content.The answer is NO. This report can in summerized in less then 50 lines..I know it feels wiered, but even I felt 'What, only this much..??!!!' ..but anyway....

In a nutshell -

1. Many people use online tools and chatting facilities because of utter curiosity. Its due to peer pressure, latest trend, and above all, people still believe that this is the way to stay in touch with technology and acquire new knowledge skills. But at least in India, there are very few people addicted to net chatting just because they feel lonely and are not interested in socializing, which shows that majority of Indians, still trust their regular pattern in communicating with each other.

2. Regarding Net snoopies. Online tools like Orkuts have one good thing that you can join it only through invitation, ie you need at least one trusted social friend, from whom you can receive an invitation and enter an exciting online social network. Why am I saying it exciting?
Reasons - Freedom to be what you always want to be. Right from Vegeta, to Cindrella, from Darth Maul to a red flower in green leaves....whatever your imagination can limit.

Actually, this online world offers us to create a 'flawless image' of our own, that most of the times we arent able to implement in real social life, owing to so many different reasons. Along with that, the other major advantages are - Privacy and Anonymity, a thing rarely found in life.

Theorotically, although Orkut implementations are fairly good, there is an easy way to bypass it. - just request for the invitation or purchase one from someone who is selling it. Simple. I remember that somewhere in late 2004, the price of an Orkut invitation was about $30, which is very good easy money. So, virtually anybody can get an account, without that much difficulty - a perfect example of human psyche defeating wonders of technology. No wonder online boozing hounds are wandering freely, although you have certain tools at your disposal, like 'Report as bogus' etc.

Even in Orkut, we can see lot of communal violent communities, but thats a different topic all togather. Some time later..

3 The reason of people joining digital network is ease of communication and that its the only medium which is 'free' from any kind of government control. Note that free dosent mean full freedom, but still, the degree of freedom is undeniably more. An idea can be transferred more fast then conventional means, plus it also offer effective sharing of right knowledge alongwith allows similar minded ones to unite under a common platform...we saw it during the recent controversial government of India decisions.

All in all, in the end, a final conclusion can be brought to light - 'Freedom is the most valuable thing in this life..Without Freedom, live is as worthless as a dead rubber'

I hope that you enjoyed reading this series of Privacy and Exploits on the First Tones of Freedom. Depending on dear readers reaction and public demand, a more detailed page will be available on 'Awaken the Renaissance'..

Till the next time, enjoy your freedom and hear the First Tones of Freedom.

In the next part of Privacy and Exploits, we will observe what Web 2.0 means and what relation it has to cyber world...Ads, Bots, Crawlers, Syndicates...a new world remains unexplored.....

The Journey in this exciting world has just begun...More will follow...