Friday, April 28, 2006

Thumb Drive

If Voltaire would be alive today, then he would have definately said - "A USB Thumb Drive is mighty then an external examiner."

But whats the use if you do not have this pen drive when you need it the most?
I declare that I have cheated and I have used a pen drive, but God punished me for my sin. Read on-

I made use of Pen Drive which had stored all programs on it. I was happy to get this ready made solution. I promptly copied the program I needed, compiled it, took output and was waiting for external to come. I thought I had made it. Nothing was in between me going through thus practical. I smiled to myself..It seems so easy. Why did it not occur to me earliar then this??

Anybody reading this might feel that I made it.

No. I did not make it.
The pen drive had all the programs, but they were purposefully edited so as to create a logical error in the final output. The external came and she probably knew that some kind of trouble would be prevalent. So she gave me exactly the input value that was about to shatter my strong hopes of going through quite easily. That was it. The logical error was pointed out by external, and she told me - "Correct it and come to me". That was the end of it.....

Bad Karma once again showed me how bad it can get. God did not want me to copy. He wanted me to toil hard.

Nothing gets so worse and difficult in life.Its like flames engulfing you from all sides.

Nothing can save you out, once you get caught. There is a naked truth which stares at you when you get caught while cheating. Nobody cares whether you are a first class comp engg, nobody cares you have won national level competitions, nobody cares a damn for you illustrous past record, you softwares, your good background,your creativity. Absolutely nothing..

Only the original baddies can get away from any kind of trouble (Notable example - Salman Khan, killing rare specie, killing a man, now scot free in foreign. Who cares?)

So, what I want to tell my juniors and fellow beings is -

1. Please use your own pen drive with programs WRITTEN by you. Never use anybody elses pen drive and programs. If you are careless, just rememeber, KARMA SPARES NO ONE, ONCE IT DECIDES TO SCREW YOU UP. Its better not to test your bad luck.

2. Avoid externals wrath. Do not try to be over confident at vyva when you have got absolutely no clue of what the program is about. You can get away from C, C++ code, its some what readable, but if its is MIT or DSP, god damn, even your professor wont be able to make out what exactly the program does. It is a sade reality that 90% professors teaching in colleges have got no slight hint of TASM and 8086. Its a reality that even ME profs fail to understand this subject. It is not anybodys fault. This electronic field is not suitable for 85% of us. I myself hate every electronic subject, but what can I do? I have got no option but to battle it out.
The remaining 10% do not teach. They are arrogant and rude profs.

3. AGE OLD ADVICE - Practice hard. No substitution for slogging.No escape.

4. Avoid getting caught.

In the end, I just want to request my readers that PLEASE PLEASE pray for me. It is said that after 'prayaschitta', if sombody with a good heart prays to God, then God answers his/her prayer. Please pray for my success, I dont want to keep a backlog. You all know that I am not a regular exam cheater.

I will owe it to you. I will never cheat in any exam henceforth.