Sunday, July 16, 2006

Joy and Happiness

"....What can a writer be without his readers?...."

Hi there.

Today I recieved a good news, and I wish to share it with you all.

From today, ie Sunday July 16 2006, will be including the contents of 'The First Tones of Freedom' in its answer engine. Simply said, its a major landmark in the blogs life, which began only six months ago, as a part of Agneya project. I never imagined that it would have been so successful. I remember the first instance of happiness when I saw my name in Google search engine. Today, I feel the same excitement. There were so many challenges, so many difficulties right from the word go, but I was sure that with support from dear readers, and Gods grace, I would be able to share some small thoughts on a fairly paranoid and somewhat difficult topic of Web Security and the obscure l33t language. So many people mocked at me, saying that this is gonna prove a farse, a failure. But with the blessings of Agneyas strength and dear readers supporting me, I can proudly say - There is plenty of support for a tiny blog when it has quality contents and dedicated readers. It all contributes to success. Dear readers, no matter where you are, I will always remain thankful to you. I also thank various users who encouraged me through mails, comments although many pointed to me that I never publish comment :) What can I say? I thank you for your every suggestion.

Now, the responsibility of me as the writer has increased. I promise that you will get quality contents in coming time. Till then, thank you and keep reading the 'First Tones of Freedom'.

Last but never the least - Thank You dear God. Yes, I understood what you had to tell me. Life is harsh, but You are always kind to me. I will always pray to You for your blessings.

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