Sunday, April 16, 2006


Today I took a nerd test. I know I am not supposed to 'waste' time, but I tried it to avoid getting loaded.

I am not 'that' nerd. I still have a little bit of humanness left in me.

Geek....I can be Geek, but I did not take that test. Tommorrow is MIT submission and I havent completed my flowcharts. I also have to complete DS. My prelim is on Thursday, and final practical are about to begin on 25 April.

The weather is muggy and the sound of crusher from neighbouring construction site is forcing me to think destructive and violent. Can't help it.

God, now only last 2-3 months are remaining. I know that you can help me in maintaining my momentum going. I will pray for you, but it will be a little late at night.
Thank you.


Anonymity, freedom and comments

Hi everyone out there.
Its a pleasent night here. Its almost a full moon, a cool breeze is flowing like the music of 'Desert Rose', which is currently on my hi-fi. The atmosphere is having a unique silent, subdued ambience, just perfect to relax. I am in my favourite place, ie our own private open terrace. It seems so subtle, so much chilled out. Preety much at peace and harmony..


But, somewhere from within, I am not in my usual mood. I am little serious. I am trying to just analyse certain things that have occured past week. No, it is not my way of pondering, thinking, researching things, but, I have realized that whatever I am trying to preach about freedom, peace, harmony is in reality, an attempt to just try softening the hard reality - a reality that tells me - "I am not free".

I am little out of box because this week two things made me upset - my submissions and a few anonymos dogs disturbing the freedom ambience of my blogs.

Basically dear readers, I am really thankful to you, Your comments, your mails, your calls. everytime they motivated me to try my best in every little bit whatever I do.
Even since has seen the daylight (3 Jan 2006), I have been receiving useful suggesstions from many of you. I am happy for it.

A couple of days ago, I received a comment on "What happened to my Pune".
I was curious, and I read that comment, and surprise, I found that I had got a coward asshole m**********r visiting my site from somewhere

I think that this assholistic guy should repair his faulty brain and visit a good psychologist.

This blog carries a small footprint, if you are able to carefully locate it. It reads something as

All contents of this blog are (c) 2006, The Firewalrus aka Harshad Joshi, Pune 9, MH, India. Commercial use of blog and its contents is prohibited without permission of Harshad Joshi.

Spam or unsolicited calls/sms/mms/comments can result in legal action against offenders.

Contact at - firewalrus(at) for more details or +91-9860-330-475

The First tones of Freedom

Harshad Joshi

Hmm, so, what do you get from it?

Freedom is every man's desire and wish. I will discuss it later, but until then, bye and goodnight world.