Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Light and Ignorance.

Today, I have got a good news and an explaination.
First, I will go with the good news.
Google now marks me at overall position of #3, when somebody searches for "Harshad Joshi". Follow this link here.Now the oly guess I can make about the PageRank by Google is of the sites ahead of me have got more prominent mention of Harshad Joshi in their meta information. Now, even I will have to something so that when you will click on I am feeling Lucky, you will reach to this place.
But before that, I want to really thank you, coz without any web traffic, any good site is as useless as a cob web! Thanks guys. I thank you for your support.

Now for some explainations.
Many of you have asked for explaination of the pic I have provided.
Well, as you know, I am an extremely spiritual person(!). Hence, if you carefully see the pic, you will find that some part of my face is in dark, while other part is in light. Just analyse that pic more minutely. This pic is an actual symbol of ignorance and wisdom that resides in us. The dark part tells you that humans have got ignorance in them, which is symbolized by darkness. Whereas wisdom is symbolized by bright light, which is shining on the other side. It tells that human life is a strange combination of our wisdom and ignorances, and these strange combination can bring about mysterious events in our life. Many of us have got certain strange events that we hide from people. Isent it?
Hence this pic has got a secret meaning, which I wanted to keep secret, but I didnt do it.
Anyway, see you.