Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Privacy and Exploits - 5


Hi there.

If you are outside India, I guess there are no problems for you in seeing this...but many people from India arent able to see this site, coz Indian government has officially/unofficially blocked access to all sites originating from the blogspot domain..Whether they have done it right or wrong can cause a huge debt amongst Indians, but then we cannot stop from putting up quality blogs, isent it?? :D

OK, now as the govt has blocked access to sites, can we say that this has been a block on our freedom of expression? Some of you might say yes, some of you will say no..some wont say anything..

But then, becuase I care for my Indian readers, I am going to tell you a way to read this blog using a small but significantly important method - The use of a proxy server. But before that I appeal to all of you that please ignore all the mails and pages that tell you addresses of online proxy..Its not gonna provide anonimity but a great lie. Not only its illegal, but its also unsafe. Can be termed as anti national and wrong. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I condemm every attack made against India, and I wish that Indian government should make strict clause of punishment for militants and terrorists. Fuckiest terrorists, you dont do any smartness when you kill innocent humans. You have no guts to even look at the brave Indian soldiers face to face. I pray to God for the people who lost their lives in the recent blasts. I also support the stand of Indian Government in this case. Even if I feel it lil inconvinient, I am also aware that nation comes first in any case. For me, its my country that matters the most and I will always be a proud Indian. I will always try my best so that one day my country will be proud of me. And yeah, dont forget that using other proxy then the ones mentioned in this blog belong to pakistani origins and your personal details will be available to them at no extra cost. On top of it, its an anti national and anti Indian act, which is punishable by law. So all bloggers, dont fall prey to any false sayings and join hands to support the government and show unity of being an Indian. Please dont use a wrong proxy to view your blogs. Its an appeal and request.

The media currently has got no brains, and I condemm the role of printed media and broadcast media as well for not supporting Indian stand.

Now I will tell you a legal and official way to access sites from this domain.

If you have GPRS enabled handsets, then you must be knowing that there is a seperate wml proxy server from Google that shows you all WAP enabled pages in chtml format. has another use a proxy..but its legal and trusted as its Google :)

OK, now type this in your browser - and press enter. Wait you wont get anything..!! So now, type exactly the same as what I tell you.

Now what is imode?? In short, I-mode is Japanese NTT DoCoMo (Japanese Telephone and Telegraph wherever you go) mobile computer which makes use of chtml, a subset of html on its handhelds.

After entering this address, you will see the small imprint of Google search page on the browser. Simple enter the address of site you want to see, and I guess the Google will safely take you there even if there is a ban of pages from that domain..Try this link to read my page -

Just get the syntax right -
q=name of forbidden site
hl=en ie your language
lr=restrict=chtml its a language derived from html
ei and all others are long things..

Now after all this, you must not forget to thank Google. Google is not only a search engine, but also a great online friend who knows exactly what to find and where to find.. :)

Now an obvious question. How did I come to know this?

Hehehehehe..thats a secret..!!

The other tool that you can try safely is - Skweezer

Actually, this isent a conventional proxy, but a site that 'squeezes' out extra data from web pages..It is originally designed for mobile net surfing where we are charged on kilobyte per second. This thing basically is used for service providers like !dea, Hutch, CellOne etc, the majot players in India. So, even if you dont need this after the ban is over, use it on your GPRS enabled mobile, it wil do you a lot of Good.

No, actually, as a security expert I need to keep knowledge of all things that exist...from proxies to anonymous mailers etc.. I know that these tools can override the good limits, but then its an inevitibility that we cannot avoid..

Till next time, I hope our sites will be unblocked..and more on govt policies, Google, cencorship and Net access in the next post on The First Tones of Freedom.

Jay Hind.