Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What happened to my Pune?

Today I called up Sakal and I complained about illegal call girl activities prevailing on Yahoo! Chat. The guy who took my call was obviously less familiar with computers, so I had to explain him everything, right from Yahoo address to downloading chat applet! Meanwhile, while I was carrying my good work, Dad came to my room and immediately wanted to investigate what lecture I was giving on the phone. Between that time, I do not know if that guy on other side got the things right or no.
So, if by any chance if the Sakal or law control people come across this page, please follow this link.

Remember - This link is not meant to be followed by minors (and majors too, unless they are law maintainance authorities!) . Bots and Crawlers can do whatever their algorithm tells them to do.

Harshad Joshi never supports any kind of illegal activities in any form, right from drugs, corruption, piracy, monopoly to other human crimes in front of him, in any way.

This is a great beautiful world. Keep it as good as we can.

Meanwhile, Punekars, think what illegal activities are occuring in the this cyber capital of Maharashtra. Hinjawadi and IT parks have got no meaning if there is increase in digital and cyber crime. All those who misuse the digital facilities must be punished. It is my ambition to become a cyber cop, but I do not know how will I become one. Anyway, I am sure that these things will change, infact thay have to. This is happening due to entry of outsiders and filthy rich assholes with lot of time, money to burn. They can be called 'Paraprantiya'. If any localite is involved in such kinda activity, he/she should be punished.

Jai Shree Ram!