Sunday, June 25, 2006

Privacy and Expoits - 1

"...Trust is the strongest bond that is absolutely essential for effective communication(in digital environment), but what we observe is that unfortunately, its the weakest link.....owing to which mighty passwords are broken, strong alogorithms are hacked and important data is stolen....."

- Harshad Joshi in a paper 'CheckMating Hackers' presented at Expotech 2K4,Government Polytechnic, Pune, Feb 2004.

Time changed, but the truth did'nt
The exciting path lies ahead. It will be explored....shortly...

(A brief Update-11:52 AM)
While chatting, never give your personal details about your place of work, your salary, your bank accout, your upcoming projects, designation, your ISP, your social security code, you school, your sexual prefrence etc. Its not due to paranoidity, but its an added security feature. Morever, now-a-days many companies do not encourage employess to use chatting and have strict code of conduct that defines the steps in online relations. Remember - You can even lose your job if you break that code. Plus, before chattin, decide what the purpose of chat is. Its not wise to search for the purpose during the chat, you can loose yourself extremely easily.....

More on this code of conduct..later.

Sorry, cannot help as even, 'Paranoids have enemies'



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