Saturday, September 02, 2006

Privacy and Exploits - 7

There are so many paranoids who are always in lookout for products that protect their privacy. Was tag surfing my other blog and I got a link to a special bowser which claimed to wipe out trace of surfing history. Of course the developer didnt say anything about the information stored on server logs, but many people are so much excited that they usually ignore this..

OK, suspense over. The product is christened as 'BrowZar' and astonishingly has got a very small download size of 264 kb, and has got two wonderful skins available - black and silver. I choose the black one. (Black Hat.. :)

Wow, dosent it sound like a boon...??

Might be, but boons without banes exist only in Eutopia..Here we have got 'baboons' :D

So, whats the catch in Browzar?

1. It isent a 'true' web browser. It requires the html rendering engine of MSIE, which is the default engine on most Windows systems. You cannot find a way getting rid of IE. The default browsers have got full bells and whistles that include Javascript engines, plugins, BHO's, and what nots. However we can still create useful 'extentions' that enhance browsing.

This explains the reason of its small size.

2. Browzar dosent store the frequently used files on the local HDD, which means that web pages load up more slowly then conventional ones. With the slow and outdated IE engine, its more worse and bad.. I hate it..

'Cache'?? Am I sounding too geek ??

Umm.. firefox/mozilla users, just click here to view the cache stored on the HDD.
IE users, I cannot help myself saying - 'Dump in that bogus thing and download firefox'

3. IE isent the safest and bug free web browser we have seen. It has got a wonderful but bad history of serious remote exploits. So, whatever exploits that will be discoverd for IE will be harmful for browzar too..

4. It also deletes cookies at the end but this isent an original IE feature...Its available in firefox too..

But inspite of all things said and done, its quite a useful product that will provide you with at least some privacy if not all..Good for paranoids, bad for extra paranoid, the only reason being 'extra paranoids have got extra enemies'

(Sorry I know its a bad joke, but I couldent think of anything better.. :)


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