Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Google has now released to updated version of its all in one communication software, Gtalk upgraded, where we can talk, chat and now transfer files acroos the web to our friends and the best part of it is that this transfer is fast, more secure then conventional P2P file sharing systems like Limewire, Bit Torrent etc.

Actually, enabling file sharing was one of the most poplar demands made by Gtalk users. This facility has further enhanced Gtalk which is in competition with Yahoo! Messenger, which had this facility way back in Aug 2005, ie exactly an year ago..

File sharing through local IM have definately got an edge in safe file sharing, but at the same time, it has been hotly argued and debated that P2P file sharing makes it possible for malicious users to distribute pirated copies of software more easily and effectively. Its very easy for users to transfer large files in one go. This method, although very useful for Linux downloads, is a virtual nightmare of music companies, artists, software giants..

Did you know, that apart from Yahoo! IM and Gtalk, there are several other clients which we dont know?