Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tributes to Pramod Mahajan

Today at approximately 4 o clock, Pramod Mahajan passed away in Hinduja Hospital. He was 56 and has left behind a greived Mahajan family. Almost 11 days, he was in between life and death, much closer to death one might say. It was an extremely shocking that he was shot on point range by none other then his younger brother whom he brought after their fathers demise. Whatever may be their personal relations, it was hearteningly very sade news to hear.

Pramod Mahajan will be remembered mostly as a NEX gen BJP leader who had a wide array of creativity, rarely found in politics. Much was argued about his 'War Room' strategy and 'India Shining' campaign, which ultimately caused Atal Bihari Vajpayee government to step down in March 04, but one must say, that personally, Mahajan shared friendly relations with most of his political rivals. He was close to Balasaheb Thackrey, Sharad Pawar, and his fellow counterparts. He was also a media friendly politicial leader. Senior journalists may remember his cheerful face and the news bits he used to provide to them when an inportant meeting was been conducted. Off late he was somewhat put away from BJP's mainline political team, but he was expected to bounce back. He was also instrumental in enabling Reliance Infocomm to provide basic telephony and mobile WLL service in India. He was deeply interested in IT and Technology sector in India. Its due to some of his then decisons that we are seeing that almost every common man is able to get atleast basic connectivity to phone system.

He was also talked to be Vajpayees successor.But sadely, it did not happen.What happened was bad and nasty indeed. He wasent a 'badboy' polititician whom majority of people used to hate. Inspite of not having any communal or caste politics support, it was indeed very creditable that he came up to this height.

May his soul be in peace.

Now comes a main point.
What will be BJP's future as a mainline opposition party and Indias future?
What will be Mr Advanis main policy?
Who will lead BJP from the front - Arun Jaitly, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi?
Who will support Gopinath Munde, Prakash Javdekar in Delhi and its political arena?

The almighty TIME has all these answers that lie hidden before us. But you can feel free to share your contributions.

Once again, it was very sade that an aspiring leader lost his life in this fashion. This is Karma. Nobody can see, feel, touch or feel beyond it. Again I say - Never test Bad Karma, it definately screws one up completly causing shocking results.

The first tones of Freedom conveys its condolences to the entire Mahajan family and his friends and supporters.

These are my little bits. Hope they reach them.


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