Thursday, March 23, 2006

Warfare and Communications.

I received certain sms from number - 919923135663. I was briefly surprised, but later, certain theories helped me to find the truth.

I dont know if you are aware that the humble linux command 'grep' can be very useful in establishing the identity of terrorists, their claims in threat notes, the probablity of attack etc?

eg [root@localhost root]cat document.txt | grep -i who

Its working is very simple.

Every one of us have got a very distinct way of expressing ourselves in our writing, ie we have a unique way of writing facts or words. Say, while smsing I use word "something" as "smethng". Basically, it means that this "smethng" is my frequently used word, each time I sms to different people.
Thus, those who know me can make out that the sms is sent by me, even if I change my mobile number, location, time etc.
Thus, words have got an utmost importance in tracing original and fake mails,documents, adwords, internet warfare etc.

Look at the cloud on my blog. It contains specific words, which are worthy of generating ads and revenues for certain companies. Google makes use of these adwords to identify the advertisement that will appear on or
This is called as targetted ads, which means nothing but scanning your document for words, contacting the google server for particular product, and generate the revenue.
It bussiness for sure. Privacy gone unbounds!!!

So, Miss/Mrs/Whatever 919923135663, please remember that even if you change your mobile number, its easy to identify you from your writing style. Afterall, room mates cannot have a similar and unique style of writing. If you coame across this, then my good advice to you is that stop whatever you are doing. Else, there are hard solutions to every problems.Unfortunately, I am very mean when it comes for implementing my policies, in a world, I RULE!!!!!

Adeos. See you soon.


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