Sunday, April 09, 2006

Old memories and New results

Now-a-days I am observing that 'Orkut' fad is rapidly spreading in our family. Many of my family members have thier accounts on Orkut, but I am still not interested in it. However, a peek inside Orkut made me realize that it is a great fun, if we actually know how to make use of such kind of technology.

Anyway, while randomly surfing for people, I came across certain user profiles, which were so surprising that I almost slipped from my chair! I noticed that a girl(N K - Done to protect privacy) from my class has got married. No, this is not surprising, afterall girls are supposed to get married soon in their early 30 (!), but things that made me think are that none of boys from Muktangans 99 batch are married ;-) and for atleast 3 years from now, there is no such thing, because setelling in ones carrear is important.(Darn, why do I commit spelling mistake)

Time flies so fast...

I remember that Ajay Mahendru, somewhere in 97-98 had told us that he used to like that girl. We were 13/14 year blokes at that time. I do not recall that whether at that time we were mature enough to understand any kind of serious relationship, but honestly, even today I still feel innocent. Still hoping for a life full of dreams, a life far far away from all catagoric distruptions. No tensions, no haste, no hectic illusions. A place where we know every step, every action. A life in the dream of a dolphin. No hatred, no complexities, the end of sadisfaction, the joy of creativity and learning. Yeah, I did manage to eperience it when I had written Agneya, but Agneya was literally like fire. I burnt my hands like hell, and even today I am hunted by the future. Will the future be my past? Or will it be the remainder of my everlasting cast (Everybody reading this must accept, I can definately write philosophical....alongwith technical)

But then , this life dosent exist....

Lets get back to the desk, writing submissions, writing cryptic firewall programs, hoping that maybe one day it will be true....what else I can do?

1. Write a technical summary of Orkut and Network Marketing,mostly small points.
2. Complete assignments
3. Start to move slowly.....very slowly.Let the rhythm be my guiding light.


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