Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hi, I am back...

This week I read a lot of historic books(read as : 2) .Major ones among them were - Panipat and Sambhaji, both classical books on Maratha history and personalities, written by an extraordinaryly talented Vishwas Patil.

I want to really confess two things

1. I literally cried twice when I read the endings of both the books, esp, the battle lost by Marathas at Panipat was a real blunder in history of entire Indian history. The description of sufferings of Maratha Warriors, their desperate attempts to survive and fight the unhospitable and inhuman, unknown environment at North India, their commitment to bring the Mighty Maratha Empire a glory, just every thing mentioned in that book, I was just dumbstuck. The more I approached the end of it, a heavy lump was in my throat, just waiting to wipe away my emotions. I tried hard to avoid it, but I felt that avoiding it is really hard.

2. Reading Sambhaji is a real task. Man, only Chatrapati Shivaji's son can take up so many sufferings. It is not a job of any ordinary person. Nobody can forget that Indians heard the first tones of Freedom from foreign powers in Hindvi Swaraaj.

I am not that kind of sentimental/emotional kind of guy (Read my Nerd test result), so I found it little odd, a feeling that grips you, a strange experience that normally we do not apprehend in daily life. But once in a while, it happens..

Even in my dreams, I saw that I was in complete darkness. and distant voices like roaring of a lion, and Har Har Mahadev and some crushing sound was been heard. Then suddenly I saw a 6-6.5 foot person approching towards me with two swords, like a tornado. Before I could do anything, I got up with a start.

Damn, couldent see his face. Only thing I remember that I was sweating real hard, my body temperature was greatly reduced, and I emptied almost entire bottle of 2 litres. I even looked at watch, and found that it was about 3:00 clock at night.

Moral of story
1. I will not read any historic literature with sade endings.
2. See rule 1.

Jai Shivaji, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Pune.



Blogger Rakesh said...

hmm...ur description makes me curious about the books

Can you give more details regarding the ISBN or publishers?

April 22, 2006 11:12 PM  
Blogger Harshad Joshi said...

ISBN 81-7434-103-X
Rajhans Prakashan.
Panipat -(c)1988-2006 Vishwas Patil

Please note that although this book is available in several Indian languages, I have read the original Marathi version.

If you want some trivial info, try Panipat on or wikipedia, but info provided there is somewhat unneutral.

April 23, 2006 7:36 PM  
Blogger Rakesh said...

thanks harshad

May 05, 2006 9:38 AM  

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