Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reunion and Virus

Last two weeks were very busy. I wasent me, but was somebody else probably. Just bored of all things around me - the college, the sadistic professors, half asshole people around me, exams, just couldent avoid them. I was tired and I wanted a break.

I think that was a surprise reunion of lost friends I suppose. Last week, I was at Tilak road, when I met Vinaykumar Hegde. Man, I was surprised to see him. To be precise, we met after exactly 5 years after we left Muktangan(This name sucks...and so does the school/college/coet) I never expected that any one from that hell would be alive to see and recognize me. But still,, nevertheless, it was somwhat heartening to see somebody in thick of incidents, exactly the same incidents and situations in which life screws us all completely.

Yesterday I met Shardul, Rahul Shingi, Shirish, Saurabh, Hemant, after a gap of 2.5 years almost. It was almost like a reunion. Nothing changed, but there were changes. Changes from boys to men, changes from diploma to degree, the sweaty heat of University exams, the ultra pathetic , ill paid, grossly unbrilliant lecturers, the huge syllabus, the numerous challanges of life. I never had thought that I would one day experience all those things, which are a real example in themselves. The way life treats us.

Life showed me I-Worm.B today. This worm wiped of my AVG files. It places certain Winzip and desktop.ini files in \windows\system32 folder. I was at my wits end, because I had misplaced my windows and antivirus CD. But just now installed Quick Heal. At least it appears that the system is somewhat clean. This particlar virus infected certain html files I had painstakenly saved on HDD, and it remains resident in memory during startup. The taskbar shows up UPDATE and WINZIP running. This worm sends a list of infected files to an address...I forgot that address.

1. Get an Apple Macintosh system runinng OS-X
2. Continue running Linux. Esp Gentoo or Debian.
3. Maybe try OpenBSD ;-)

Actually I wanted to write about Google and Adwords/Keywords, but I felt that I shouldent write it. So I didnt write it.

1.Set an alarm of 5:30
2.Arrange everything.
3. Sleep

Good night world.


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