Monday, June 19, 2006


....Pain.....It isent good.

Lying alone here, I want to get reloaded.

Just made some minor tweaks to the blog design. Replaced Google by search bar. Now, the is the default search engine on The First Tones of Freedom, and is likely to be there till takes search results from Google ;-)
But look at the design laid by, dont you feel that it appears a little gaudy?? But no other flaws, till it delivers results properly.

Actually my plans were to incorporate Alexa, but this baddie went with

Today Saturn-Mars are coming togather after 20 years. As usual, the astrologers are predicting Doom, but I must say, this wont be true. I am relaxed, poised and I feel that some great is gonna happen in coming days - Mainly, the new winner of FIFA World Cup, MS new move, the philanthropist obsession amongst Industry Top Guns. Its interesting....

Promise to return more strong, but after a short break.


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