Sunday, February 05, 2006

The first tones of freedom

Finally, after days of tweaking,hacking,goofing, I have finally made up to Google 'I am feeling lucky'. Hey, I am not joking, even I am not in beer effect. To find it for yourself, type following in Google's search bar

first tones freedom

If you are really lucky, you might land on the right site. I am needing feedback for this.
Finally, the tones of Freedom are heard.

Went to SSK today. That guy teaches M-III without tension, but I did not understand a single word. Man, even great programmers can face problems while learning maths. According to me, mathematics is taught in an extremely untidy way. Its allowed in maths to skip some steps, and assume everything to be certain. Nobody provides any data of some kind, no variables to store information. No specific solutions to problems. Mathematicians always assume certain conditions to be true in every situation.
I say - Mathematicians have got only theories, but no answers, whereas computer programmers have got no theories, but they can find any answer, and they can improve it at any time.

Optimistic Steps in teaching and learning Mathematics
1. Instead of teaching maths as a pure science, teach it as a tool to real life application. Even Google, the most famous search engine is powered by PageRank algorithm.

2. Document every step of a problem, just as we document our programs by making comments. It makes life greatly easy and anyone can 'understand' code. While solving problems, every step should be well defined. My success as a programmer is because I always assume that I have to deal with a 100% idiot metal box. So, I have to explicitely defines each and everything while programming a PC, even if it can sometimes appear wiered to viewers. Mathematicians note - you also have to assume that not 1 % of engineer understand, likes or appreciates any kind of maths. So, tell them every step clearly and explicitely. Dont rely on engg students to remember every formula. They are engg students, not ordinary BA, BCOM, BSC students.

3. Maths is for pure assholes, and the only reason to include it in engineering syllabus is to make sure that MSc(Mathematics) gets a chance of employeement. Afterall, can you realize what those MSc(Mathematics) blokes would have done if there was no maths to engineers syllabus? Starve to death and face unemployment? Huh, this policy is designed by Assholes, son of a bitch.

Its coz of engineers that these MSc people are surviving. I am not against any particular maths teacher, but I simply hate the primary motives of those good-for-nothing bastards, who designed our education systems. Bastards, you will burn to fires in Hell for all your life. Your generations will be in Hell! May Agni destroy your evil motives!

Like many people, I am very good in solving any kind problems, but I need time to actually 'know' what I am supposed to solve. I cannot solve a problem when somebody tells me to do it, esp,without using my brains.In engineering, we are always short on time, temper and good teachers and expert guides.We need quick solutions, not solve problems.

M-III is only meant for passing, but it has got no use in solving real life problems, unless one is planning to be a bastard slave of America. Go guys, prepare for GATE exam assholes, slaves of America. Pissers of hell. Fuck you! Bury yourself. Dig it...

(Sorry, I am very angry right now, and I have avoided bad words.)


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