Friday, January 27, 2006

Yahoo and Google

Hey, its pretty cold out here and Pune has been getting temperature in range of 24 max and 5.4 min. Woooo, its really chilly and cold! What if there is a snowfall in Pune? It would be great.
If you search "the first tones of freedom"in Yahoo! search, then the first site that is goin to appear is of the persom whom you like, i.e me! Click here to see it. But, on querying Google, my site or a mention of it dosent appear in first few results, although some link to Yahoo! answers can be found.
Hey, but I tell you - There is no better way of describing how great it feels when your site appears first in a search engine search. There is nothing satisfying like it.

So, does Yahoo! like me more then Google??? Who can tell??


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