Sunday, January 15, 2006

Me and My teachers.

Today, while goin' for a walk, mom and dad met Bhilwadkar Sir and Madam. They taught me maths when I was in 8th and 9th. Surely, if somebody else would have taught me maths, I would never have come even remotely close to CS diploma, forget BE!

It was very amazing that, even after almost 8-9 years they managed to remember me. Yeah, OK, I agree that I was not one of the brilliantest students of maths, but I wasent very very hopeless-mad kinda person too.I was gifted in some other creative areas like - geekiness, programming, making fun, teasing guys from 8th C(which was considered a major achievement then), forgetting essential study components like notebooks, compasses, keys, homework(!), bunking class, coming late, giving best excuses for not doing homework, studying on last day and managing to get first class, etc, etc.
Basically, I was (actually am) a mathematics hater!. I just hate maths, because it involves lot of problems, lot of complexities, which are not neccessary in any walk of life. Even if anybody can argue that maths is necessary, essential, most important, I personally feel that maths should not be taught in that way it is conventionally taught in schools and colleges.

I do not expect a nice fairy or a hot lass to teach me, but the prof should be a person, who has a positive approach towards teaching, which can make the dullest subject interesting. The Bhilwadkar couple had this rare capacity. God, please give them a chance to appreciate me and my software(s).

The other person I remember is the former network teacher we had in BV's JNIOT. I never actually came to know why were majority(read as 'ALL') of boys ready to flirt with her????
(A lil' secret as well , it included me too, but only for some time, just for sake of some good marks.I can even flirt with danger for marks!!! ;-)

Almost everyone liked her. Yeah, litrally, liked her, I am not joking.Even that newcomer, I-forgot-his-name-or-I-don't-wanna-tell-his-name was constantly around her, and we used to hate that m**********r.One day, some mechanical blokes smartened him up, and we secretly celebrated this occassion, and said "Serves him right". So innocent!! He..He..Hee..He..
More on her and her ways, sometime later.

Networking was and continues to be a complete a*****e subj. See guys, you can make good use of it to score marks, but then, you must have a nice teacher to teach.
If you cant get good teachers, then, things are not very difficult, but then you have to simply slog, slog and keep on slogging, and thats the precise thing what I am doin' right now!

Finally, Bhilwadkar Sir and Bhilwadkar Madam, you are really nice people and very very good teachers. May your students go to a great height (which they have actually gone, but I wanna go still high, reach out for the stars, maybe?)


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