Friday, January 20, 2006

The night before...

Bah...Its fairly muggy and warm here with temeperature in range of 35 and 14. On top of it, I just was unable to get some sleep yesterday. All night, I was listening to 'Voices in the Dark'. No, its not that Enigma song from their album, Erotic Dreams, but that was a chorus of voices in the dark, of some cruel and inhuman pests - 'Mosquito's'

Whole night there was possibley a party or something and it seemed that dear mosquitoes were having a merry time out here. Is this the way of troubling a poor guy like me, who is trying to get some sleep? And, on top of it, just to make life more difficult, for sometime, the MSEB wanted to play hide-and-seek, so they cut off the power.It was a pure test of my patience. I felt as if I should scream, and kill every mosquito and wipe their entire specie
from the face of this earth! How are mosquitoes useful in maintaining ecological, sociological, psychological or maybe, financial balance? Can any environ'mental'alist or anyone tell me?
So moral of the story is that, wipe away every mosquito, we do not need them in any way, and this should not be done by making use of DDT.

Even in the morning, I dont remember who woke me, but it seemed very early(?) in the morning, about 7:45 or just something like that. And you know what, an excellant way to wake up any sleeping person, is
1. Purchase an audio cassate called - 'The spirit of harmony' or something similar sounding cassatte or any album by Dr. Balaji Tambe.
2. Insert it in a hi-fi, increase the volume as high as it can get
3. Switch it ON
4. Run......and hide...., the person whom you want to wake up will be searching for you. Trust me, he will be in a killing mood.

Why am I saying this? Thats because, this is exactly what my dad did. He simply made be wake up by this method. My Goood, Balaji Tambe should be punished for offences like - Spoiling innocent children's sleep, singing in an extremely...My God, what can I call a voice like this? Hearing this voice, I remembered an incident when Mr DV Kulkarni(?) AKA Saint Dyaneshwer Vitthalpant Kulkarni made an ox to recite the Hymns from sacred ved's. Most of us were not present at that time, so God made arrangements for us to hear that heavenly(!) voice, last spotted in form of Dr. Balaji Tambe's singing. A sincere request to Dr Tambe - You may be a gr8 doctor, but please, dont sing dozen of songs in multiple languages, having only one kind of sur. Please employee a professional singer.
I challange- I can sing much better, or atleast I wont sing under any circumstances.

Yesterdays paper also had news from my former college BV'sJNIOT (Dont click it, you wont reach the site. It simply does not exist as of today!) The news was printed in Sakaal, coz they had called Yamaji Malkar, editor of sakaal. And now for a lil' secret as well- I was winner of the very same competition, and believe me that the college does absolutly nothing in improving a student. There exists nobody except 2-3 or 4-5 good profs in college, who can improve students.
If you feel I am jokin', then call up the college and ask them who won the 2004 Comp Techology prize in Technoinnova and Aavishkaar 2004. These people wont even have a record of past winner's list.
Any way, I pity on those students who took part there. Guys, couldent you find a better place to be a winner?

Go to college.
Study again.
Again study..
Avoid Balaji Tambays cassettes!


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