Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Agni Hymn.

Untold Sutra..
Still Heard...

The Radiant shine of the frosty Sun,
from the silver crest of Himalayas...
guide the men,
waiting for the Revalations..
Untold Sutra...
Still Heard..

The Sutra of Agni...
Burn evil desires,
those unseen dangers, already present on the Faded path..
Protect the tribe marching towards their journey..
Hear the Ancient Voices..
The illusion remains...
Men create..
Men destroy...
The final truth..
Still Unknown..
Untold Sutra..
Still Heard...

From - The Teaching of Zen Hindu Brahminism

Remember, if you can write crpytic spiritual texts on Hinduism, then programming a Microprocessor is not hard, not even DT prac, neither EDC ;-) , but M-III can prove to be a major demon, I mean, not even a single God till today has been able to destroy M- III from spoiling innocent childrens carrear :-(

May Agni burn my fear and give me his 1% powers.


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