Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Google bots cannot recognize its creators!!!!

Just type the following in your browser window, or just cut-copy-paste the link or click it. Its really interesting and funny!

Show me Google's Anatomy, or how Google works

You will say, what the hell is so great about it?This is the first instance of Google appearing in public, and it describes Google's anatomy. Trust it? Wait, read the omnious note present on the document

Google is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content

Ha me! The Google crawlers and spiders mean that Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page are not in Google and are not responsible for creating Google, and all the information provided is wrong, or non authentic!!!!.

When Googlebots themselves refuse to acknowledge that these two blokes have designed the whole system, why should we bother to call them Google creators, or founders of Google , Inc! Can somone at Google Labs fix it? I am waiting....

Hey Sergey and Lawrence, here is a challange for you to solve. Can you rectify your bot's code to recognize you?

Remember, this interesting fact was first found by Harshad! Google, do not forget me!!!


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